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The following guides are available to purchase and download:

4th Trimester Sleep Shaping Guide £10.00

For parents with newborns – 4 month olds

This guide is for any caregivers looking to support newborn sleep in babies from newborn up to and including 4 months old. It covers realistic sleep expectations, some loose sleep routines and a range of loving and gentle ways to support your baby to develop healthy sleep habits early on.

4 Month PROgression Guide £10.00

This guide is for any caregivers looking for a guide on how to survive the four month sleep PROgression!on or Job Title

It covers what this PROgression is, why it happens and what you can do to support your baby’s sleep through this, usually, rather unsettling time.

6 – 18 Month Sleep Guide

This is for those of you who would like to learn more about sleep and how you can support your little one’s sleep journey using gentle and responsive strategies.

In this comprehensive guide, I aim to teach you all about sleep for 6-18 month olds.

The guide covers: 

How sleep works

  • sleep cycles
  • your baby’s circadian rhythm
  • sleep pressure
  • awake windows
  • sleep needs
  • normal amounts of sleep at different ages


  • when to have them             
  • nap transitions
  • nap environments

Daily routines which support sleep:

  • the importance of exercise
  • food and its impact on sleep
  • bedtime routines, keeping it stress-free

Trouble shooting

  • why are they waking at night?
  • what’s with all the short naps?
  • What’s with all the early wake ups?
  • Should I let my baby have a danger nap?

Coping with:

  • progressions/developmental changes
  • separation anxiety
  • sleep deprivation

As well as:

  • Checking/ruling out for any underlying problems which could affect sleep
  • Supporting with falling asleep and sleeping in their own sleep space
  • Gentle strategies to move away from an unsustainable sleep support (such as rocking to sleep)
  • Options for night weaning/reducing night feeds

Would you rather get one to one support?

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