The chances are if you have arrived at the teach to sleep website you have presumably spent a large amount of time googling your child’s particular difficulties and you have probably been given lots of well-meaning advice from friends and family. This can feel overwhelming, especially when you are most likely a tad sleep deprived! In my experience, what works for one family, does not necessarily work for another.

My approach is to always to give infants, babies and children the skills to settle themselves to sleep, whether at bedtime, the middle of the night or nap time. I aim to help parents give their children the sleep they deserve and need.

I donโ€™t โ€˜trainโ€™ little ones how to sleep, rather I use my longstanding experience in education to teach them how to have healthy sleep habits. This means that I donโ€™t use the crying it out method (or similar methods such as controlled comfort, controlled crying or spaced soothing) because there are so many other, more responsive, gentler and easier ways to support your little one’s sleep.